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Colombian Emerald Ring

Welcome to
Dorado Jewellery  London

A family business expert in bespoke wedding bands - engagement rings -Jewellery restoration & Pre-Columbian Jewellery


Dorado Jewellery is a family business, founded by husband and wife, Isra and Yuly. With over 35 years of experience, and based in London since 2008, they have practiced across Hatton Garden, Farringdon, Brixton and across Colombia and Spain.

Dorado is the culmination of a journey exploring innovation and traditional craft, competing with the latest technological innovation while simultaneously grounding their artistic approach in their South American origins.

We work with laser soldering and 3D design in synergy with traditional techniques, always celebrating Colombia's natural beauty through our passion for emeralds and other natural gemstones. Our respect and appreciation for pre-Columbian gold craft practices continue to inspire us today, reminding us of the values of heritage, humility, and honest beauty.

Traditional patio in Colombia with a lovely heritage wood Silla



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