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Colombian Coffee landscape


A duality of innovation and tradition

Dorado Jewellery is a family business, founded by husband and wife, Isra and Yuly. With over 35 years of experience, and based in London since 2008,  they have practiced across Hatton Garden, Farringdon, Brixton and across Colombia and Spain.

Dorado is the culmination of a journey exploring innovation and traditional craft, competing with the latest technological innovation while simultaneously grounding their artistic approach in their South American origins.


We work with laser soldering and 3D design in synergy with traditional techniques, always celebrating Colombia's natural beauty through our passion for emeralds and other natural gemstones. Our respect and appreciation for pre-Columbian gold craft practices continue to inspire us today, reminding us of the values of heritage, humility, and honest beauty.

This Gorgeous Chair is made with  Colombian wood and represnts the nature, colourful country


Influenced by his carpenter father,  had an early interest in construction, machinery and technology. In his teenage years, he developed an eye for jewellery before he even visited a workshop. Yuly always focused on the beauty of both jewellery and natural materials in Colombia -- even as a child, she applied these in practical ways by making jewellery out of a autochthonous fruit named Guanabana and planting leaves. The country’s biodiversity was always at the core of her inspiration and pride.

Workshop Ring

A family friend who worked in the field spotted Isra taste, and eventually became his mentor and guide of the trade since the age of 14. Over the years, Isra was taught the technicalities of the craft and honed his skills in a small workshop that his father constructed in his loft. With a strong desire to push himself further, Isra took the leap and relocated to the US in 1990. He began working his way up from cleaning blinds, to working in the Bronx,  and eventually becoming a goldsmiths in the 47th street: Manhattan’s heart of the industry. There, he adopted design and manufacture standards unseen in his hometown.

Colombian Platano  Plantation, surrounded by coffee and fresh air.   Inspiration by proper nature.


A duality of innovation and tradition

With his newfound technical expertise and expanded taste, Israel returned to Pereira  in 1997 and established his first quality jewellery and workshop. Due to Israel’s demand for higher quality manufacturing, and difficulty sourcing specialised machinery, he would occasionally construct makeshift equipment himself--a testament to his innovative drive. It was at this stage when the duo first met by chance in their neighbourhood--they would eventually complement each others practice by exchanging technical knowledge and interest in Pre-Columbian crafts.


The workshop’s growth gradually caught the attention and trust of higher profile clients. Their  style intertwined and evolved, resulting in denser, solid quality jewellery, with the a natural and delicate touch. Israel drives for innovation and his US influence, merged with Yulfari’s passion for the autochthonous nature of Colombia, along with their successive practice in Spain, gave birth to a brand grounded with one of the foot in the future, and one in the past.


The name is inspired by Colombian indigenous culture and the myth of El Dorado, thought to be a lost city of gold in Colombia. The legend led to countless unsuccessful expeditions, one of which led to the discovery of the Amazon river. The relentless resilience of nomadic generations in search of a historic myth resembles our essence of exploration and tradition, while homaging pre-Columbian cultures and their craft.


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