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Commission Bespoke Jewellery only by orders

Crafted Bespoke Designs

Commission Trilogy Engagement Diamond ring
Hand-crafted Colombian Emerald
Tanzanite Yellow Gold Pendant
Commission Colombian Emerald White Gold
Round Blue Sapphire & Diamonds
Sapphire & Diamond Engagement
London Topaz
Sapphire ring
Pink Sapphire
Casting Commission 3d cad design
Commision Natural Silver Stone
Amethyst Cluster RIng
Commission Hand-made
3D Bear Casting And Wax_edited.jpg
3D cluster and Wax Process
Faceted wax and casting ring
Handcrafted Diamond Cut Wedding Band
Commissioned Handcrafted Pebble Pendant
3D Casting- Cluster ring in wax
dorado london emerald bespoke gold ring

Bespoke Jewellery Policies

We do not accept refunds in bespoke Jewellery

Dorado Jewellery does not accept refunds when it is regarding bespoke Jewellery designs, because it is made for specific clients.

Any enquiries please contact us



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